About In-App Alerts

Manage your personal 🔔 Alerts in DefectDojo

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DefectDojo’s Alerts system keeps you up to date with all Product or system activity.

The Alerts List

The Alerts List is always visible in the top-right hand corner of DefectDojo, and contains a compact list of notifications. Clicking on each Alert will take you directly to the relevant page in DefectDojo.

You can open your Alerts List by clicking on the 🔔▼ icon on the top right hand corner:

To see all of your notifications, along with additional detail, you can click the See All Alerts > button, which will open the Alerts Page.

You can also Clear All Alerts > from the Alerts List.

The Alerts Page

The Alerts Page stores all of your Alerts in DefectDojo with additional detail. On this page, you can read descriptions of each Alert in DefectDojo, and remove them from the Alerts queue once you no longer need them.

To remove one or more Alerts from the Alerts Page, check the empty box next to it, and then click the Remove selected button in the bottom-right corner of the Page.

Notes On Alerts

  • Reading an Alert, or opening the Alerts Page will not remove any Alerts from the count next to the bell icon. This is so that you can easily access past alerts to use them as reminders or a personal activity log.

  • Using the Clear All Alerts > function in the Alerts Menu will also completely clear the Alerts Page, so use this feature with care.

  • Removing an Alert only affects your own Alerts List - it will not affect any other user’s Alerts.

  • Removing an Alert does not remove any import history or activity logs from DefectDojo.

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