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DefectDojo keeps you up to date in a variety of ways. Notifications can be sent for upcoming Engagements, user Mentions, SLA expiry, and other events in the software.

This article contains an overview of notifications at both System-wide and Personal levels.

Notification Types

DefectDojo handles notifications in two different ways::

  • System-Wide Notifications are sent to all users.

  • Personal Notifications are set by individual users, and will be received in addition to any System-Wide Notifications.

In both cases, Role-Based Access Control rules apply, so users will not receive activity notifications for Products or Product Types (or their related objects) which they don’t have access to.

Notification Delivery Methods

There are four delivery methods for DefectDojo notifications:

  • DefectDojo can share πŸ”” Alerts, stored as a list in the DefectDojo interface

  • DefectDojo can send notifications to an Email address

  • DefectDojo can send notifications to Slack, in either a shared or individual channel

  • DefectDojo can also send notifications to Microsoft Teams in a shared channel

Notifications can be sent to multiple destinations simultaneously.

Receiving Slack and Teams notifications will require you to have a working integration. For more info, see our articles:

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