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How to request and work with a trial of DefectDojo Cloud

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If your team requires an on-premise DefectDojo installation, please connect with our Sales team by emailing -> [email protected] . This trial setup process only applies to DefectDojo Cloud users.

All DefectDojo plans include a free 2-week trial, which you can use to evaluate our software. DefectDojo Trial instances are fully-featured and can be immediately converted to our team into paid instances - no need to set everything up again, or reupload any data when your trial period ends.

Requesting your Trial

In order to sign up for the trial, you'll need to complete the process at

At the end of this process, you'll be put in touch with our Sales team, who will follow up to receive your billing information, and authorize and set up your company's trial instance.

Step 1: Select a Plan

DefectDojo offers 4 plan tiers: Entry, Team, Business and Enterprise. For more information on these plan tiers, see

Step 2: Enter your Company Information & create your Domain

Enter your company's Name and the Server Label you want to use with DefectDojo. You will then have a custom domain created for your DefectDojo instance on our servers.

Normally, DefectDojo will name your domain according to your Company Name., but if you select "Use Server Label in Domain", DefectDojo will instead label your domain according to the Server Label you chose. This approach may be preferred if you plan to use multiple DefectDojo instances (such as a Production instance and a Test instance, for example). Please contact our Sales team -> [email protected] if you require multiple instances.

Step 3: Select a Server Location

Select a Server Location from the drop-down menu. We recommend selecting a server that is geographically closest to the main DefectDojo team to reduce server latency.

Step 4: Configure your Firewall Rules

Enter the IP address ranges, subnet mask and labels that you want to allow to access DefectDojo. Additional IP addresses and rules can be added or changed by your team after your instance is up and running.

If you want to use external services with DefectDojo (GitHub or JIRA), check the appropriate boxes listed under Select External Services.

Step 4: Confirm your Plan type and Billing Frequency

Before you complete the process, please confirm the plan you want to use along with your billing frequency - monthly or annually.

Step 5: Review and Submit your Request

We'll prompt you to look over your request one more time. Once submitted, only Firewall rules can be changed by your team without assistance from Support. To contact Support, please email [email protected] or follow the instructions in this article.

After reviewing and accepting DefectDojo's License and Support Agreement, you can click Proceed To Checkout, or Meet The Creators.

  • Proceed To Checkout will take you to a Stripe page where you can enter your billing information.

  • If you do not wish to enter your billing info at this time, you can click Meet The Creators - our Sales team will be in touch to set up your trial.

Once your trial has been approved

Our Support team will send you a Welcome email with links to access your DefectDojo instance. You can always reach out to [email protected] for product assistance once your trial begins.

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