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Set up an additional Cloud instance

Add a test, dev, or other DefectDojo instance to your account

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The process for adding a second Cloud instance is more or less the same as adding your first instance. This guide assumes you've already set up your initial DefectDojo server, and have an agreement with our Sales team to add another instance.

If you have not already requested an additional Cloud instance, please contact [email protected] before proceeding.

Step 1: Open the New Subscription process

You can start this process from the following link:, or by clicking πŸ›’ New Subscription from the Cloud Manager page (

Step 2: Set your Server Label

Enter your company's Name and the Server Label you want to use with DefectDojo. You will then have a custom domain created for your DefectDojo instance on our servers.

Keep your company name the same as before, but create a new Server Label and check the "Use Server Label in Domain" button, so that you can easily differentiate between your servers.

Step 3: Select a Server Location

Select a Server Location from the drop-down menu. As before, we recommend selecting a server that is geographically closest to your users to reduce server latency.

Step 4: Configure your Firewall Rules

Enter the IP address ranges, subnet mask and labels that you want to allow to access DefectDojo. Additional IP addresses and rules can be added or changed by your team after your instance is up and running.

If you wish, these firewall rules can be different from the rules on your main DefectDojo instance.

If you want to use external services with this instance (GitHub or JIRA), check the appropriate boxes listed under Select External Services.

Step 5: Confirm your Plan type and Billing Frequency

At the end of our process, you'll be put in touch with our sales team, who can accurately quote your new server. We recommend you select the Plan Type which has the server specifications you require for the new instance.

A second server may not require the same storage, CPU and RAM requirements as your 'main' instance, but this will depend on your team's technical requirements.

Step 6: Review and Submit your Request

We'll prompt you to look over your request one more time. Once submitted, only Firewall rules can be changed by your team without assistance from Support.

After reviewing and accepting DefectDojo's License and Support Agreement, please click Meet The Creators. Our Support team will reach out to you when the process is complete and your server has been provisioned.

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