Using the Cloud Manager

Manage your subscription and account settings

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Logging into DefectDojo's Cloud Manager allows you to configure your account settings and manage your subscription with DefectDojo Cloud.

New Subscription

This page allows you to request a new, or additional Cloud instance from DefectDojo.

Manage Subscriptions

The Subscription Management page shows all of your currently active Cloud instances, and allows you to configure the Firewall settings for each instance.

To edit or add firewall rules from within the DefectDojo cloud site, navigate to the Manage Subscriptions page, then click the Edit Subscription button in the top right corner of the subscription you wish to edit.

Once on the Edit Subscription page, enter the IP Address, Mask, and Label for the rule you wish to add. If more than one firewall rule is needed, click Add New Range to create a new empty rule.

To save these newly added firewall rules, click Submit at the bottom of the page to save and update the firewall rules on your DefectDojo cloud instance.

Firewall rules can also be updated from within your DefectDojo cloud instance. For more information on modifying firewall rules from within your instance, detailed documentation can be found here:


The Resources page contains a Contact Us form, which you can use to get in touch with our Support team.

It also contains a link to our Open-Source Documentation, which can be viewed at

Account Settings

The account settings page has four sections:

  • User Contact allows you to set your Username, Email Address, First Name and Last Name.

  • Email Accounts allows you to add additional email addresses to your accounts. Adding an additional email account will send a verification email to the new address.

  • Manage Social Accounts allows you to connect DefectDojo Cloud to your GitHub or Google credentials, which can be used to log in instead of a username and password.

  • MFA Settings allow you to add an MFA code to Google Authenticator, 1Password or similar apps. Adding an additional step to your login process is a good proactive step to prevent unauthorized access.

Add MFA to your login process

This can also be done from the following link:

  1. Begin by installing an Authenticator app which supports QR code authentication on your smartphone or computer.

  2. Once you've done this, click Generate QR Code.

  3. Scan the QR code provided in DefectDojo using your Authenticator app, and then enter the six-digit code provided by your app.

  4. Click Enable Multi-Factor Authentication.

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